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This website and blog is created to provide information about Carl Iberger and Startups.  Carl has spent years working in business at all levels including several C-Level positions.  He has a track record of success for growing startups from the ground up into multi-million dollar businesses which he has done several times.  This site will have a full bio and history on Carl Iberger, and information regarding startups which entrepreneurs will find helpful

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Businesspeople and Entrepreneurs will find valuable information here to help you grow your next startup. Carl is one of the best at growing startups and achieving a company’s mission. He has built several companies in the healthcare sector, including healthcare diagnostics and genetic technology, and he has a wealth of knowledge regarding startup companies. If you are launching a business or are planning a new startup, you can visit the Blog Archives with articles regarding startups, or get in touch with Carl to help you along your way.


Carl Iberger

carl iberger

Hingham, Massachusetts Businessman. Expert in Finance and Technology.

Carl has worked in healthcare diagnostics for many years as a CEO, CFO, VP and founder of startups that he has grown and later sold.  Now, he manages a consulting firm, Wright Leeds, which helps healthcare entrepreneurs to grow and succeed in business.


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Carl knows startups, and has been a founder of several successful startup companies throughout his career.  One of his finest achievements was when he was one of four founder who turned a startup company into a $100 Million diagnostic company.  Carl has over 35 years of experience in many different areas including accounting, finance, employee benefits and IT organizations.  Among his accolades includes two public offerings and two transfers of private companies to industry competitors.

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In the blog you will find information regarding startups to help you along your way.  Entrepreneurs and business owners should find tips to help you through your journey to grow your business.  Launching a startup can be a daunting task, but if you follow the correct path, have good work ethic, and a guide like Carl who has had repeated successes in growing startup companies, it should lead you to a likelihood of success.  You can contact Carl on the Contact Page with questions and he will get back to you shortly.  His knowledge and history of success can be utilized through his healthcare consulting company.

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Feel free to reach out to Mr. Iberger by visiting the Contact Page and filling out the form.  He will get back to you shortly.  Carl enjoys networking with other healthcare entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals, and his healthcare consulting company has a wealth of knowledge to give.  You can also follow Carl on social media to keep up to date.


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